Out of Nature Outdoor Adventures

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”
H.C. Andersen

Öland, SwedenPreparation

In many ways, a tour is about mental preparation. A true test of self-sufficiency and endurance. Abandonning the comfort of tried roads and stable weather, and instead heading the opposite direction, I set off in search of paths unknown.

It seemed simple at first. Epic rides, from dawn till dusk, to the top of a mountain, through quaint islands on the sea, through mountain valleys and barren lands. Any sane cyclist would presumably favor a reliable and established location - like the Alps or the Pyrenees - for their bikepacking adventures. Not me apparently.

I aim to travel to Bergen and head out into the Norwegian wilderness. Out of nature. Like all great adventures, surprises have popped up on the way, requiring me to change some plans and alter my direction. Instead of sticking with a pre-determined path, things are gonna get a little more interesting. I projected the terminus would be in Oslo, or maybe Bergen once again, if my legs didn’t fall off first.

Öland, SwedenThe Burro

My weapon of choice - a 6.8 kilo carbon monster. Am I out of my mind?

My family and friends have always kept asking that particular question. The answer is more than often "yes". I've always been one that has been up for whatever, regardless of the challenge or magnitude of the project. Whether or not this bike is compatible with this particular project? Only time will tell.

Pictured above is the 6.8 kilo bike during a 120 kilometer ride on the island of Öland

The motivation for this tour is #PackLightTravelFar. Last summer I built myself the bike of my dreams. A carbon monster, weighing in at just 6.8 kilo. It's a beast and I absolutely love it. Below I've listed the specs:

Zhongwei R-002 Carbon Frame Set
Zhongwei 50mm Carbon Aero Wheelset
Zhongwei Carbon Twin Tail Saddle
Shimano 105 Group Set
Deda Zero Cockpit
Michelin Pro 3 Race Tyres

Uppsala, SwedenGoing pro

The David Attenborough of cycling

So, having fantastic friends and family really pays off. My sister's significant other let me borow his GoPro Hero, and my friend Tobias let me borrow his GoPro Session (Tobias is a truly uplifting and inspiring person who did vlogs for Vätternrundan, a 300km Swedish classic)

The camera gear - so excited

I'll make a post with all my gear. If you have any questions, hit me up on Instagram at @victornordquist or send me an e-mail at victor[at]nordquist[dot].co!

Uppsala, SwedenGear

What I'm bringing

Everything isn't pictured - missing is regular clothes, shoes, snacks, electronics, necessities etc.

1. Naturehike Ultralight Sleeping Mat
2. Aegismax Ultralight Sleeping Bag
3. Ground Cover
4. Tent accessories
5. Chinese Carbon Bike
6. Giro Atmos
7. UVEX Glasses
8. dhb Aero Shoes
9. Shimano Shoes
10. GoPro Hero4 Session
11. GoPro Hero3+
12. Repair kit
13. Apidura Compact Handlebar Bag
14. Apidura Large Saddle Bag
15. dhb EQ2 Rain Jacket
16. dhb Superlight Wind Jacket
17. Sportful Arm & Leg Warmers, Roubaix gloves
18. Tent pins
19. Naturhike UL2 Ultralight Two-Person Tent

Geneva, SwitzerlandSavoy

Trip to Annecy, France

I flew to Geneva, took the bus to Annecy and spent a week camping and biking the Alpes. It was amazing. Here's a few pictures.

Woah, a mountainbike!
Beautiful Annecy
Château de Châteauvieux

Kalmar, SwedenGrand Prix

Pavé racing

Quick visit in Kalmar for the Grand Prix.

Milan, ItalyGiro d'Italia

In preperation of the Giro

Long weekend in Milan and Lake Como.

Copenhagen, DenmarkUrban biking

Probably the best cycling infrastructure in the world

Spent a few days in Copenhagen, enjoying the city by bike only.

Uppsala, SwedenWinter storage

Carpenter skill show-off

Built this bike storage shelf a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sigtuna & Borgholm, SwedenCastles and stuff

Visiting friends and relatives

I seldom miss a chance to go visit the local castle.

Uppsala, SwedenFirst trip of the year

Visiting a friend in Örebro

Pictured below is the route I'm planning for this year's first bikepacking trip. I'll be visiting a friend in Örebro. Managable 199 kilometers, comfortable 1.320 meter elevation gain. Excited, to say the least.

Örebro, SwedenRandonneuring

Uppsala – Örebro

200 kilometers did hurt my ass, but yeah, it was fun.

Helsinki, FinlandMidsummer

Midsummer festivities in the finnish archipelago

Stockholm, SwedenSummer days

Probably best spent on the bike

Rode 75 kilometers from Stockholm to Uppsala, visiting a few castles on the way.

Gårdby, SwedenHome

Spending the summer with family and friends on the beautiful island of Öland while working as a tour guide at the castle of Kalmar. Castles. Mhm...